Warid Prepaid Internet GPRS Bucket

The Prepaid GPRS Bucket aims at allowing Prepaid customers the facility to use GPRS in bulk buckets (10MB Data Buckets) in the form of consumable units. The offering is being positioned at a competitive price to facilitate our prepaid customers for GPRS usage and allows a 30day validity period to the customer.

Product Features:

The service makes use of allotting the user a “GPRS Bucket” (10MB units) which the customer procures and expends as and when required. The bucket gives the customer a total of 10MB of data capacity which has a validity of 30days from purchase. The customer is under complete freedom to procure a single or multiple buckets at any given time as required.

How to Subscribe:

To keep the simplicity at the core of the service for our prepaid customers – the subscription to the service is via short-code (3282). Once the subscription process has been completed the customer is sent an intimation for the confirmation of the bucket procured (10MB).

From Handset:

To procure the GPRS Bucket from handset, the customer composes a message and sends the keyword “Data” to 3282.

Available for:

The service is available for Prepaid customers with active GPRS services only..

Subscription Charges

Activation Charges: PKR 30 +tax
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