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Ufone International Calling Rates
Now make international calls with your Prepaid at lowest ever call rates
Ufone Prepaid offers you the most affordable international call rates, letting you stay connected with your loved ones even when they are out of the country.
Covered Destinations (Fixed)
Country Destination Rs/min
Afghanistan Fixed 12.99
Australia Fixed 2.2
Bahrain Fixed 9.99
Bangladesh Fixed 8.99
Belgium Fixed 3.99
China Fixed 2.2
Denmark Fixed 2.2
Egypt Fixed 16.99
France Fixed 2.2
Germany* Fixed 2.2
Greece Fixed 3.99
Hong Kong Fixed 2.2
India Fixed 8.99
Indonesia Fixed 8.99
Iran Fixed 12.99
Ireland Fixed 3.99
Italy*** Fixed 2.2
Japan Fixed 3.99
Jordan Fixed 12.99
Kuwait Fixed 8.99
Malaysia Fixed 3.99
Netherlands Fixed 2.2
Norway Fixed 2.2
Oman Fixed 10.99
Philippines Fixed 16.99
Qatar Fixed 12.99
Russian Federation Fixed 8.99
Saudi Arabia Fixed 8.99
South Africa Fixed 8.99
South Korea Fixed 3.99
Spain Fixed 2.2
Sri Lanka Fixed 8.99
Thailand Fixed 8.99
Turkey Fixed 8.99
UAE Fixed 11.99
UK** Fixed 2.2
USA/Canada Fixed 2.2
Uzbekistan Fixed 16.99
Yemen Fixed 16.99
Covered Destinations (Mobile)
Country Destination Rs/min
Afghanistan Mobile 16.99
Australia Mobile 12.99
Bahrain Mobile 9.99
Bangladesh Mobile 9.99
Belgium Mobile 16.99
China Mobile 2.2
Denmark Mobile 16.99
Egypt Mobile 16.99
France Mobile 12.99
Germany Mobile 16.99
Greece Mobile 16.99
Hong Kong Mobile 2.2
India Mobile 9.99
Indonesia Mobile 16.99
Iran Mobile 12.99
Ireland Mobile 16.99
Italy Mobile 16.99
Japan Mobile 12.99
Jordan Mobile 16.99
Kuwait Mobile 9.99
Malaysia Mobile 9.99
Netherlands Mobile 16.99
Norway Mobile 16.99
Oman Mobile 16.99
Philippines Mobile 12.99
Qatar Mobile 16.99
Russian Federation Mobile 12.99
Saudi Arabia Mobile 12.99
South Africa Mobile 16.99
South Korea Mobile 10.99
Spain Mobile 16.99
Sri Lanka Mobile 10.99
Thailand Mobile 9.99
Turkey Mobile 12.99
UAE Mobile 11.99
UK Mobile 12.99
USA/Canada Mobile 2.2
Uzbekistan Mobile 16.99
Yemen Mobile 16.99
All IDD charges are exclusive of taxes
All charges are applied on per minute basis.
IDD charges will be applicable to all prepaid packages.
*For Germany, Mobile Termination excludes 3G, ISDN and PRS connectivity.
**For UK, Mobile Termination Rate is valid for Vodafone, O2, Orange, and T-Mobile only. Other UK mobiles to be charged at Rs 30/Min+Tax. NTS numbers for UK (fixed) shall be charged at Rs 15/Min+Tax.
***For Italy, Mobile Termination Rate is valid for TIM (voice), Vodafone & Wind only.
19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies.
Ufone Edge Packages
Ufone introduces an unbeatable SMS bundle offer which provides lowest SMS rates to any network in Pakistan.

Internet on Mobile is increasing day by day due to the growing number of GPRS supported handsets, increasing WAP email access and other interesting web/wap portals, sites and applications. The young generation prefers to have always-on connectivity with their friends and family via internet through chat, email or online social networking.

Get your Ufone UrEDGE Data package today and enjoy the lowest price per MB for all month round. “Subscribe NOW & enjoy mobile internet access as low as 33 Paisas per MB” from your Prepaid connection or totally unlimited monthly mobile internet usage for just Rs. 500/- on your Postpaid connection.
Sr. #
package Name
Subscription Charges
Price per MB
Validity Activation SMS Shortcode
1. Prepaid UrEDGE 5 5 MB Rs. 50/- Rs. 10/- 15 Days 801
2. Prepaid UrEDGE 30 30 MB Rs. 150/- Rs. 5.00/- 30 Days 802
3. Prepaid UrEDGE Unlimited Fair Use Policy* Rs. 500/- Rs. 0.33/- 30 Days 803
2. Postpaid UrEDGE Unlimited Unlimited Rs. 500/- N/A Prorate Monthly Billing from date of activation 805